Benetton Boxes

A selection of garments designed for creating a variety of outfits. All contained in one neat package. To be chosen according to your style or mood. Finding the right look will be child’s play with the new Benetton Boxes!

For both the young and old, check out the B-ICONIC box, which contains basic wardrobe items that never go out of fashion, or the B-COOL box, perfect for following the hottest trends of the moment.

For adults who like us care about the health of the environment, the GREEN B box, with garments made with sustainable materials that, in addition to being super stylish, are also good for the planet.

As for children who are always ready to run, play and have fun outdoors? We’ve got the B-ACTIVE box for them, which is full of proposals that they can use to build comfortable and practical everyday looks.

And then there’s of course the B-WELCOME box, which contains soft organic cotton garments, perfect for their delicate skin.