Colors 70 Extracts

This monographic issue is the work of two young Chinese artists, Chen Jiaojiao and Peng Yangjun.
A creative duo from Fabrica, they came up with the concept, photos, design and text for the issue.
Made in China. Enjoy.

“You are tenacious of life, like a cat with nine lives, but please take care of your throat. You make old bones, you could live past 90.”
Palm reading for Wang Jun, 28

“I am the youngest of my 21 brothers and 16 sisters. They called me the 17th princess”.
Aixinjueluo Xianqi, 89

“I’ve got lots of fans who regard me as their idol”.
Dian Xia, 16

“I started to drive a taxi when I was 18. Women drivers were few at the time, as well as taxicabs.”
Yang Jinhui, 53, retired taxi driver

“Being a punk is a way of venting to society, to my family. I hate this world.”
Jia Jing, 17

“I come to sing in this bar every Thursday night, dressed as a woman.”
Fan Qihui, 38