Feel like a princess

This autumn we’re redefining what it means to be feminine, as detailed in the new ensembles tailored for relaxation and comfort for you and your little girl. The weather may take a turn for the worse, but we’ve got everyone feeling like divas in precious natural fabrics accompanied by unique details.

A delicate color palette contains soft hues that interchange white, pink and melange gray to create a harmonious balance deserving of the queens and princesses of the house.

The collection uses graphics to its advantage, displaying perfumes and jewelry which pair nicely alongside lurex detail and “spray” effects that illuminate and enrich even the most straight-forward of garments.

Colored prints of elegant perfume bottles give off a romantic and retro aroma even when you’re comfy and cozy in your pajamas, a must-have when it comes to relaxing in style. Go the distance by adding a soft pink cardigan to the mix to keep you warm and serene when the weather turns a bit chillier.

For your little girls, crown them with a short sleeve bodysuit or pajamas topped with gracious tiara print and text declaring her truly “Always Princess”. Scalloped collars and polka dot pants round out the perfect ensemble to turn your little girl into a star come bedtime.

Ready to take on the night in style?