Urban Elegance

Dig into your navy side, where geometric patterns meet used effect denim. Our fall collection is for a man who takes on the city in shades of blue and gray without forgoing colorful touches. He goes for a look that’s practical yet always gives off a cool vibe.

The season’s must-have is a one-of-a-kind Montgomery coat with Scottish detailing on the hood. Make it a complete outfit with a warm allover striped sweater that gives off a fresh feel on every occasion. Are you into a more refined scene? A yarn dyed cotton shirt can give you that extra polish.

You’ll really stand out while wearing our tone-on-tone suit. Denim and a processed sweatshirt are autumn’s cult pairing, fitting for an afternoon with friends. Don’t get caught unprepared as the colder fronts draw in: opt for a ribbed knit scarf and a wool and nylon jacket, an unbeatable duo for the brisk weather.

Meeting up with someone special? Throw on a sports jacket, a turtle neck sweater with a drawstring and ash-colored cargo pants for an athletic yet effective look. You get a free style pass this season to cap off all of your outfits with sneakers: solid colored for a more classic look, multicolored for a daring one.

Reclaim your handle on nautical style with check shirts in classic marine colors. Pair them with processed denim, and don’t pass up a belt with leather details. Look out for our unforgettable knitwear, especially our urban version – a striped wool sweater with Fisherman’s ribbed stitch; wear it with a matching hat and brave the colder weather.

Get swept away by the stylish gust of wind coming your way!