Daily Sophistication

Time seems to stand still in Venice, frozen in an era where cultivated beauty was on display during masquerade balls in lavish eighteenth-century palaces and at concerts in grandiose theaters. This type of refined atmosphere calls for a chic dress code, featuring unprecedented necklines and only the finest material.

When carefully choosing your autumn attire, go for flowing fabrics such as satin, sparkling trims and accessories to impress: a super glam bag or a femme fatale eco-fur wrap.

The traditional palette of shades slips away to make room for one color only: black, the indisputable symbol of class.

Graceful pieces with clean, highly effective lines are a sure-fire hit for a special evening: look to a sheath dress or a short sleeve sweater, garnished with lace details.

Don’t pass by unnoticed: have a go at a back-collar dress or an embroidered knit top and flared skirt combo.

If you love a timeless all black ensemble, you won’t be disappointed with a sleeveless dress and jacket pairing. Complete your outfit with strap pumps that give you a slender silhouette and an aura of delicate femininity.

Alluring, brilliant accessories will light up your elegant outfits: stones and other embellishments adorn earrings, necklaces and clutches as well as cuffs, collars and buttons on sweaters and angora wool jackets. Treat yourself to a touch of sparkle with a crystal-encrusted brooch and a necklace with a double cross and pearl applique.

Sophisticated yet easy, your daily look will having you braving the cold weather without a care. Relish in couture duvet padded jackets with three-quarter sleeves and warm, enveloping perforated knit scarves. Get an even bigger handle on the season’s bad weather with a soft jersey beret.

Possessing that certain formal “British” flavor, a single-breasted tweed blend coat is superb with a jeweled sleeveless dress or over jacquard pants and an allover patterned blouse. For a dash of class and good taste, don’t leave out a quilted clutch with a shoulder strap.

Blacks with blues, cream accessories, lightweight fabrics, worked wool with matching frills and crystal-studded sweatshirts are must-haves for your wardrobe. Lace trim gives a new face to blouses, cardigans and tops, functioning as a charming detail that beautifies collars and tops.

For an afternoon of shopping with friends, clear the way for skirts and an unexpected variety of models: lightweight and airy with polka dots, or solid colored with a midi cut.

A black dress with a clashing white collar and cuffs, or a blouse with a macramé collar and cuffs are foolproof if you are looking for a minimalist style with a retro appeal.

Venice’s razzle-dazzle and elegance will leave you awe-struck!