The school of good taste!

This autumn’s teen fashion embraces a varsity style and a back-to-school ode to fashion. Our fall collection calls upon classic school uniforms and then restyles them with the modern, metropolitan teen in mind.

Our British-inspired compilation is set in motion with the colour choices: a clever combination of reds, greens, navy blues and whites. The dress code is packed with appliques and graphics embracing tartan print and coats of arms of the most prestigious universities.

Glamorous and casual, our winning outfit consists of a pleated tweed skirt paired with jumpers and sweatshirts with visible print, ideally worn over a hooded wool jacket with faux fur trimming.

For a concert or an evening out on the town with friends, go for a sweatshirt with large number print, a plaid shirt with pockets, or a faux fur vest over a vintage jacquard jumper. And don’t forget your glossy dancing shoes!

Our fall collection goes hand-in-hand with the world of a polished, trendy school uniform: to achieve the look, couple a jumper straight out of a college catalogue with a checked miniskirt, inspired by the Scottish kilt, and toss in a pair of soft midnight blue knee socks.

Browsing for a special weekend look? Blow everyone away with romantic but sporty vibes and opt for a lace t-shirt with clashing print and light wash super skinny denim. Grab their attention even more and enhance your outfit with a colourful, vibrant shoulder bag and a pearly necklace + bracelet set.

The bell is ringing! Hurry back to your seats for a lesson on couture!