Three, Two, One… Ready, Set, GO!

This autumn, casual looks with witty overtones let your children embrace all of their enthusiasm and bright energy. Soft sweatshirts, sports jackets and slim trousers let them shine every moment of the day and are conveniently suitable for all occasions as well.

Don’t skimp on the trendsetting details. Enliven any outfit with an abundance of fashionable and kid-approved graphics and prints. Top it all off with hints of neon for a season of good cheer.

The must-have for aspiring athletes is a long sleeved “football” t-shirt with a jersey number or an allover striped “rugby” polo. Pair them with straight cut trousers that resemble something straight out of dad’s closet. Soft fleece trousers are another great option. Complete the look with leather and canvas running trainers for their restless feet.

Give them a dapper street style to flaunt with 100% cotton tartan check shirts with pockets and coloured patches and zip sweatshirts with embossed writing.

The colder weather cannot scare the most active boys away. When they refuse give up on the great outdoors, choose a warm Nordic-patterned jumper made of wool tricot and a padded coat with zip and clashing stitches. Shield your kids from the brisk fronts with stylish options: a hooded jacket and a hat with neon yellow print will always come to the rescue.

Ready to play…with fashion?