Give into your mood, give into the trends!

The little ones run free, completely immersed in their game of the day, and such a free-spirit is reflected in their fashion. Sweatshirt + denim is the perfect formula for your kids: a pairing suitable for both school and playtime with friends, easily molded to their kid-approved style.

Is your princess tender and romantic? Let her show the world with a pink sweatshirt printed with a sweet kitten and a big white bow, to be worn with faded jeans.

Is she passionate about “flower power” these days? Make your fashion addict happy with a crew neck sweatshirt coupled with floral patterned denim trousers. She’ll never go unnoticed!

Does your child always want to keep up with the latest trends? Then look no further than a delightful grey blend sweatshirt covered with stars, combined with dark wash skinny jeans.

And for the boys? If your little one is a whirlwind to keep up with, hold him at bay with a hooded camouflage sweatshirt with clashing print, paired with the ever-essential blue jeans.

Let your rocker entertain the crowds with his casually cut denim. Tack on a note of style adding a blue sweatshirt with print and faded stripes.

Does your child love to whiz around the sidewalk jungle? Win him over with a grey sweatshirt with blue print that reroutes him back to the skater’s universe. Let him ride with light denim trousers with cloth patches.

Switching it up has never been so easy!