An afternoon for the boys!

Playtime is an art and children are the absolute masters: never short on ideas and well-equipped with boundless imagination. We witnessed the latest design installment of their work: an improvised session of hide-and-seek in the immense rooms of the Venetian Arsenal, a backdrop where the space for creativity is certainly not lacking!

This autumn, denim is a must-have for all casual and versatile attire: behold the green light for blue jeans. Don’t omit the trendy touch; pick up a pair with unique applique on front side pockets.

A good rule of thumb is tocombine a checked shirt with a bit of grunge, found in a long sleeve white t-shirt with contrasting red print.

For chilly weather get your cold-sensitive ones something warm but super lightweight; slip a pullover with Nordic trimmings over a plaid shirt and throw on a padded parka with a hood to top it all off.

For your little rebels the ideal look is an allover striped jumper and a solid coloured black sweatshirt with grey print coupled with military green trousers. The accessories make all the difference here: look no further than a Cordura belt and a cap with a visor that mixes checks and stripes.

Let’s go crazy for grunge!