When art becomes a game… of style!

The Venetian Arsenal embodies a fantastical postmodern space dedicated to art. Small lightweight suspended vessels sail through the air and navigate toward unknown destinations. The newest installment from young artist and contemporary sculptor Michelangelo Barbieri serves as a postmodern backdrop for denim addicted little girls on an autumn afternoon. Barberi’s work creates a playful environment to roam, jump, and chase each other.

For maximum enjoyment during free time with their pals, the key ingredient is, first and foremost, comfort: a sweatshirt with varsity style print and fade effect skinny jeans are the right pairing for absolute freedom of movement.

Between jokes and laughter, the enchantment of art catches up with them as letting their imaginations wander becomes a favourite pastime. Gift your little girl a trendy outfit that explores all hues of denim, from deep blues to light ones.

For the most whimsical look choose shorts with floral print, paired perfectly together with an optic white t-shirt and an electric blue knitted cape.

For a touch of class and good taste, try a long sleeve t-shirt with writing, harmonizing it with the blended blue of an unprocessed wool jacket and the nuances of camouflage pattern shorts.

Take a journey with your children and discover new worlds!