Dinner on the moon? Why not!

Your boy explores his surroundings like a tried-and-true baby astronaut. His equipment? Onesies and t-shirts with prints and slogans that beckon fantastical adventures amongst the stars and planets.

Warm and tender motifs harmonize his entire autumn wardrobe. Plush fabrics are the secret to a cuddle-proof look: embrace chenille and super soft wool with a blended effect.

The colour palette ranges from classic blues and whites, suitable for special occasions, to more lively greens and yellows, ideal for outings with mom and dad.

Are your little ones are already crazy about animals? Spoil them with our furry assortment! Spot a sweet bunny on dungarees or a teddy bear peering out from a jumpsuit or a tricot jacket with a hood and “ears”.

Every boy wants to look like dad. Opt for soft trousers ruched at the bottom and denim dungarees. Combine them with shirts in solid colour or check and refined two tone shoes for his first city outfit.

When the biting cold arrives, single out a quilted jacket with a hood, available in two variations: straight fit for a more elegant edition or a more casual fleece version with big pocket, cuffs and elastic. Add a finishing touch with a cap with pom poms. 

Now what? Let’s get a closer look at the stars!