Tribal-chic, even in the shade

Geometric patterns and refined multicolour prints: the summer’s most glamorous swimsuits give a nod to the planet’s most distant and exotic settings.
Add some tribal flavour for a standout beach look: the must-have triangle bikini with tribal print plays on a mix of warm colours: fuchsia, yellow, green and purple.

The Afro-chic style has taken over even the poolside. Wear it while having drinks along the seaside or in the form of a beach cover-up disguised as a long dress: same pattern, same appeal.
Prefer the bandeau bikini? Available in bordeaux with floral designs or in blue tones: both options emphasize your femininity.

For that seaside shine, don’t forget colourful sequin bikinis: with your choice of pink, bronze and sage green.
Lastly, the trend for the fearless is the bikini embellished with tiny studs: daring, but always chic!

And for him? Camouflage swim trunks with floral print are perfect for riding the waves.
The term for summer is tribal-chic, like it’s never been before! Add a little flair to your beach style.