It’s beach time!

The new beachwear collection by Undercolors of Benetton is full of swimsuits and matching accessories, all inspired by the most telltale colours of the ocean and summer: white and blue.

Not willing to sacrifice your style at the beach? Stripes take charge as you strut your stuff on shore. Navy style striped bikinis are the must-have of the season. Alternatively, triangle top models are available, such as the perforated lace jacquard top. When in need of a shorefront stroll, however, try a floral pattern swimsuit that couples with a pair of solid coloured shorts. Summer is a time for playing around with print and colour. Create your own swimsuit by mixing a variety of models and patterns!

Men’s swimwear also finds inspiration in the many shades of water: ocean blue swim briefs or trunks, or even checked swimsuits, livened up by hints of green and red.

And for the little ones? What more could they ask for than to spend their summer in utter happiness! For kids, little fish and star designs, as well as colourful stripes and coral brush strokes.

Matching accessories round out the perfect look: spacious woven tote bags and beach towels are a must, ideal for families looking to get the fullest out of their summer.