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Elettra Wiedemann
captured in New York City.

Elettra Wiedemann
born in New York City,
with deep Italian roots.
Italian passport,
Italian grandfather.

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Elettra Wiedemann

Elettra Wiedemann, as her name suggests, is a star with boundless energy. She is an attractive, intelligent, creative, enterprising New Yorker, can speak three languages and loves triathlons. Her dreams, private or professional, inevitably come true. The Italian in her knows how to cook and talk with her hands. You are taken aback by her humility and spontaneity, unusual in a style icon from the world of high fashion. She prefers a casual-chic look combining simple garments with elegant must-haves. Benetton gives her limitless possibilities of mixing and matching, but most importantly, it allows her to dress every day in that authentic Italian style that is so deeply a part of her.

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